Listening and Thinking: Blogging during a Pandemic

I sighed this morning as I looked down at last week’s to-do list and ‘write up a blog post’ (written in pen, not pencil) was still there. This blog has been neglected, as it has been a couple of months since my last post. I have a pile of post-it-notes with ideas but none I have wanted to post.

Blogging in a pandemic, like everything else in the world, has seemed slightly trivial. In a somewhat different tactic and form, I will take the first couple of months of 2021 to do review and signpost type blogs, less about my thoughts or ideas and more about what I’ve read or used that may be beneficial for others.

The first review theme is ‘blogging during a pandemic’. Below I list five blogs, all of them are short-form opinion pieces or calls to action. They each offer a perspective on Covid-19 and how different sectors (and mainly UK focused) are (re)acting to health, education, policy, research, sporting, leadership aspects of the pandemic.

Canva- Worm’s Eye View of Stairs

I am still not sure to why I am reluctant to blog at the moment. However, instead worrying about not writing my blog, the more productive option has been to listen and think. At this point, I am rather saturated from hearing about the pandemic via mass media or my friends and family. It seems as though the same points and narrative go round in a slightly distressing and draining loop. Accessing non-mass media blog posts allows me to hear from voices who have a different authorship and purpose.

The blog posts below are high-quality, accessible and short reads. I recommend perusing them to listen and think:

Health inequalities and Covid-19: holding a mirror up to ourselves – Notes from the research frontier (

What have we learned so far from the UK government’s COVID-19 policy? | Paul Cairney: Politics & Public Policy (

Sudden changes of direction continue to define Boris Johnson’s coronavirus leadership | The Institute for Government

How Humanities and Social Sciences can play a leading part in the COVID-19 recovery – HEPI

The COVID-19 pandemic may change spectator sports forever as stadiums sit empty (

I am happy to chat about and discuss these blogs’ content, message me, or arrange a brew. I hope these blogs can bring a slightly refreshed perspective on thinking and talking about the pandemic.

More reviews and signposts to come next month, if you have any requests, then please contact me.


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