No Reflections, No Plans, I am Present and Pottering

Since July 22nd 2019 I’ve not posted a blog. Apologies, because this has been my longest blog pause. My feeble excuse is a rambling about how I have been in hibernation in the quest to finally submit my PhD thesis. It’s done, it’s in, and it’s ready to be examined (click here for info on the examination process).

In dusting off my blog and finally posting again I read through my 48 previous posts. Other than cringing at my spelling/grammar it has been cathartic to do. However, it didn’t help my find words or inspiration for this post. So, instead I am writing about being present! Forgive me in advance if this is self-indulgent.

Over the past month or so, I’ve written 5 different drafts of this post on napkins and the like. A couple about different sporting issues in the news, on submitting my PhD, on Japan and other ventures, but they were all dull or unfinished. I think they were dull or unfinished because I’ve not been present. I started this blog as a PhD student and now I am struggling to transition the blog and ‘VPos’ into the next stage of my career (and life). Everyone goes through periods in life (personally and professionally) where they either linger on past occurrences or get caught up in future pressures. I admire people who can successfully find a balance of the past/future with an understanding of how to be present. A poignant moment for me was over Christmas when a family member introduced me to Charlie Mackesy and the whimsical wisdom in his first book The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and the Horse. One of my favourite pieces so far is:


Enough as I am, Charlie Mackesy

Off the back of dull or unfinished drafts then reading the wise words of an illustrated mole, I simply wanted to express my attempts to be more present. I have been ticking off this list the past three weeks or so:

  • Reach out an thank a lot of people…
    • Emails, calls, coffees, pints… apologies if you’ve not heard from me yet, you will be on my list.
  • Catch up on general life…
    • Random example but I am on the hunt for a quirky hat and coat stand, if you see any do let me know!
  • Dust off the blog…
    • You are currently reading this checked item.
  • Press accelerator on exciting opportunities…
  • Update public profiles…
    • It took me a full day to update LinkedIn, Twitter, Academia, website, email signatures, Orcid ID, CV (blah, blah, blah) I am still not happy with how I am expressing my present ‘bio’ or ‘headline’ but my profiles and records are mostly up to date.

I am not sure what the next few months hold and that’s okay. Good, bad, challenges, successes, continuities, changes… all I can do is to keep being present and keep pottering my way out of a PhD journey. One thing is for certain, I am back to blogging.

See you next month!



  1. Verity thank you for the update . You never fail to amaze me . Believe in yourself you are definitely worth believing in . Keep going and keep smiling .

    Liked by 1 person

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