Top 5 Elite Sports Plots: #PrideMonth

This month I take 5 plots around: #PrideMonth

All connected in my mind to moments, issues and questions for elite sports and the LGBTQ movement.

1. the power of allies in the #pride movement in New Zealand 

The All Blacks teamed up with their key sponsor AIG to tackle discrimination together. It makes you think!

The campaign follows the strong community actions taken by many New Zealand figures, for example, the 2013 ‘big rainbow speech’ by LGBT ally and politician Maurice Williamson.


   2. the role of elite sports history in the UK #pride movement



In terms of sport and the UK I am a particular fan of Elton John and Watford Football Club. The Premier League is a tricky landscape for LGBTQ history, but this partnership highlights to me that Gay icons have played their part in the ‘beautiful game.’ This photo is taken from an article.




     3. the growing amount of academic research globally

I have blogged about this previously in reference to Sochi and the Winter Olympics, and a book chapter around lesbian athletes I recently contributed to. For more check out Rach’s latest podcast:rb


4.  stories being told #justdoit

Nike and other dominant sports brands have promoted varying versions of equality for decades. The latest athlete to be given a ‘Nike platform’ is Sam Kerr who gives a story to her experiences. Unconventional and different paths are fashionable:

Interestingly, the focus of media attention has not been on Kerr’s athletic ability, injury history, cross-sport development pathway or other personal characteristics. Instead, quite typically the focus is on her long term girlfriend…


5.  the #pride movement plots outside of elite sport

I am a huge fan of the relationship between popular culture and #pride plots. A great example being the latest Taylor Swift video. In this video there are prominent music, fashion, television stars taking a satirical angle on this years #PrideMonth … I have struggled to find such from elite sport stars? Is it time to lighten the sporting #pride plot?

Not sure.

For now, be allies; remember the history; engage with research; critically think about stories being told; and listen to more Taylor.

And, yes, this blog is all about elite sports. I think community sport, physical activity and youth sport are different kettles of #pride fish.


p.s. (6.) this is a very Western viewpoint of #PrideMonth … living in Japan the word ‘pride’ means something different. Elite sports is an avenue to explore global differences around LGBTQ. Again, just a thought, and something for another blog.

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