Gender and Publishing: Guest Blog

My blog this month is self promotion (shock for an academic). The guest blog piece:

came about after I met the Mark from Taylor and Francis at a CREST event back in September 2017. We had a debate about gender in academic publishing and whether it was equitable or balanced. In January this year Mark contacted me and asked to write a companion piece for their theme around gender and publishing, available here:

It has been a good experience in two ways. Firstly, writing a guest blog for another website as the regulations and style were more structured than my own personal blog here. I have learnt a lot about focusing a blog post and writing in a more succinct manner. Secondly, the topic, I am not too sure I have fully developed my stance on gender (or other protected characteristics) in the workplace; but this short guest blog has really helped me hone my experiences and what I am actually looking to debate/change.

Watch this space!


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