New Year, New Challenges

This is the anniversary edition of my blog, as it just over a year old and on Monday my PhD will be twelve months in. Rather than making cliche remarks about where time has gone, I am going to celebrate what a great year I have had. Plus, the excitement for the up coming months, with some fresh challenges.

I submitted a large grant application today, and by large I mean it was over 8000 words and contained numerous boxes and questions to fill out. Alas, done. It really made me plan the next two years of my PhD. 2017 will be a big data collection year and hopefully start writing up some chapters.

As for other sporting things to look forward to. I recently rejoined a golf course (Moseley Golf Club) and having not played properly for about six years I am really getting back into it. The benefit being that on a round of golf I have the time and space to switch off.

mini-football-picFinally, I may have taken my biggest step to date in sports administration terms, as I took on the role of Chairperson of Coventry United Ladies Club. I hosted my first Board Meeting on Monday and it was terrifying but pretty great to be leading the group. I managed to inadvertently quote Dizzee Rascal Fix Up, Look Sharp…. so definitely need to work on my phrasing.

To illustrate my current outlook and mind frame please watch this interview (by clicking on the picture of me as a football crazy toddler) where I voice a lot of my thoughts on CULFC, but also how I am approaching the next year personally. All about the TLC!


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