Who am I?

My name is Verity, and I am in the write-up year of a full time and fully funded PhD course at the University of Worcester. The context of the project is London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Between March – July 2019 I am, also, undertaking a Research Fellowship in conjunction with University of Worcester, Toin University of Yokohama and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

Doctoral thesis title: Inspiring a Generation: A critical examination of governing actors, policy and legacy discourses

Doctoral thesis abridged abstract: In this thesis I critically examine governing actors, policy and legacy discourses connected to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games’ legacy aim to ‘inspire a generation.’ I focus on how the London 2012 educational programmes (such as Get Set) affected discourses around domestic policy in the sport and education sectors. Given the importance placed on young people within United Kingdom based policy and the international Olympic and Paralympic movements the broad London 2012 legacy aim to ’inspire a generation’ intersects both the domestic and international discourses (such as obesity, health, competition and social values). In academic, political and media based scrutiny around the London 2012 ’inspire a generation’ legacy aim the debates are frequently reduced to considering why policy changes or legacy initiatives have not resulted in observable increases in sport and physical activity among young people. I move beyond these debates through a discourse analysis of sources connected to the educational programmes during the bidding, hosting and post Games eras.

My latest academic article: Inspiring a generation: an examination of stakeholder relations in the context of London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics educational programmes


Outside of my academic research I am a keen sport and recreation enthusiast. I own multiple sets of sports equipment and use it all depending on the weather. I am currently working on getting my handicap down for the golf season.

Academic profile: http://worc.academia.edu/VerityPostlethwaite

LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/verity-postlethwaite-812155a9/

ORCiD iD: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3246-4611

Twitter profile: https://twitter.com/verity_pos

Email: v.postlethwaite@worc.ac.uk

Thanks for reading and do get in contact if you have further questions.