The Art of Networking: Drawing Upon my Month of Travels


My blog for June- which is now two days late- is going to be short and sharp! I finished teaching towards the end of May and thought that once the undergraduates had gone  June would be quiet. I was quite wrong. The past six weeks have definitely been conference, workshop or general get together season for academics and researchers…I have been to:

25th May, Sports Summit, Sport and Recreation Alliance, Kia Oval- London

3rd June- Cheating, Corruption and Sport, Royal Institute of Philosophy, University of Birmingham

10th June- Ethics and Governance in Contemporary Sport, Taylor & Francis, University of Oxford

 16th June- The new strategy for sport in the UK: implementation, participation and investment, Westminster Media Forum, Glaziers Hall- London (also the England/Wales game)

23rd June- Postgraduate Conference: Seeds of Knowledge, University of Worcester

25th June- The Political Economy of Sport, University of Oxford

28th June- Sport in the arts; the arts in sport, National Football Museum- Manchester

1st July- Writing Summer School, University of Worcester

All of the events I have attended participated and contributed to have been fantastic. To be able to travel and go to all these is 100% one of the largest perks of being a PhD student. Plus, I am told regularly this is the time in my career to take up as many opportunities as possible before other commitments have to be balanced.

I am always well prepared with a notepad and pen, so although right now I am mentally and physically exhausted (you may notice that from some of the pictures). In a week or two I can sit down and reread all my notes and begin to reflect on where all the new knowledge and people can weave into my teaching, research and writing.

I have also learnt, that often the best and most fruitful conversations happen in the breaks or on the train home; talking to people about their research, experience or jobs rather than reading about it is so much more interesting.

A shout out to Rachael Bullingham, who for the past six weeks has been reminding me of my jet set lifestyle. The frequent reminder has actually made me realise and now blog about my academic adventures. I am incredibly grateful and do not take for granted that I can afford time and expenses wise to do all this.



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